Create Your Own Sneakers

Found this brilliant idea on youtube of DIY your trainers/sneakers in tie-dye. I love the idea and may have to purchase a pair of white pumps to try it myself.

Very simple, yet no one is alike, so you will be the only one with them. There are loads of other clips on youtube but this seems a short and easy version.

Enjoy and getting diy-ing!!!

26 Amazing Vintage Ideas

26 Amazing Vintage Ideas

Found this amazing link for vintage home decor ideas that you would of never thought to re use. Old baskets into towel holds, funnels as candle holders, old baby cribs into benches, suitcase shelves and so on. Check them out and let me know your thoughts.

26 Breathtaking DIY Vintage Decor Ideas

Most of the things can probably found around the house so re making something at the cost of nothing. If you don’t have these things, I’m sure you will be able to purchase at a charity shop. So before you throw something out, think how you can reinvent the item.

DIY Room Decoration Ideas

I know this is all american, but the ideas are good and you have very similar shops around the UK to buy products. For example Poundland, Wilkinsons, thing a me bobs etc. All great to buy things at a reasonable and cheap price. You can get glue guns from Ebay/Amazon.

I love the pots with the beads in idea. I’m not good with my own ideas so I have to steal them from everyone else. Hehe!! This one I will defiantly be taking.

Let me know what you think.