Since I’ve been back from Australia I have been on a mission to improve my way of living, look after myself and enhance my health. I’ve started off with my hair. Yes the Aussie sun did it wonders, but now I’m not there, I need to take care of my hair more seriously.

I have always found the Aussie hair products to be amazing. Especially when they are on offer. The 3 minute miracle feels like heaven in your hair. But as well as the products on your head, I’ve started using vitamins.

All the celebs advertise which ones they use and I decided to try one out. HAIRBURST. I love it. The chewy quite yummy vitamin, in my opinion is working wonders. I have had so many compliments about how shiny my hair is. The constant deals I get when I buy the product as well. I’ve been using this for the last 3 months. And have already got lots free and only had to pay the postal and packaging charges. I’m not sure how but I’m not going to question it. I just got months supply free. Very confusing.

Check out the site for yourself, and remember this is just in my opinion and I suppose different products work differently on everyone.




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