It was that time of the year again when all have to show off after Christmas bodies to the world and exploit her beautiful selves. I watched it on the TV and I would say not many are a fan of Ricky Gervais but I thought he was hilarious. The pre red carpet show was funny because every person they spoke to was so nervous that Ricky would target them.


Of course I can’t go on without talking about outfits of the rich and famous. My favourites of the evening. Jennifer Lopez wearing that gorgeous yellow which was so simple and sophisticated with the minimalistic Harry Winston necklace. Then moving on to Jenifer Lawrence’s divine Christian Dior red dress. The POW that you get from it and just the pure elegance is to die for. Then again I’m sure she would look good in a bin bag. Last but not least, Mrs Gaga. Her waist is so tiny in the black velvet Versace gown. She is a modern Marilyn Monroe.


I love the pure white dresses that look like snow. I could never wear white, I’m too clumsy and would probably spill a dress of some sort. Of course these women are more elegant than me.


Sparkles and sequins were also a huge hit but not my personal choice favourite. Although all the women looked stunning. I do like it that the females kept the colours subtle and not to OTT.


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