I have just watched this amazing and powerful film that takes you through so many emotions, that I now feel exhausted. If your not one for war films, then turn the page and don’t bother to watch this. I love a war film, more to understand and educate myself on the different wars as I didn’t really pay much attention in History class when I was a child. Well lets face it, who really did. I find that seeing these types of things that have happened in real life, it puts a perspective on many aspects of your life.

After watching the whole thing, I was a little surprised that it was based on a real person, only because of the horror that these prisoner camps put them through. Also, that Mrs Angelina Jolie directed it. I love a true facts and true events movie. I think it makes the emotional connection more real. It hits home in a way that a lot of us are lucky for the way things are today. Not having to deal with a bad day for weeks, months or even years.


This movie really does take you on a journey of how well life can start out, to how quickly things can change because of war. Watch it now to take the  rollercoaster. You won’t be disappointed.



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